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We invest in companies, projects, founders and outstanding people who build a future that rocks. 

Principles for a future that rocks


Co-Founder and Shareholder

A recruitment consultancy for the digital world.


Crypto-first business banking. A powerful interface for companies to make the most of their crypto.

Co-Founder and Investor

(Sold to Dept in 2018)
A pioneer in Amazon vendor management and a leader in Amazon expertise, experience and optimization.

Host and Founder

Wonderful Network-Event for people in the digital space for many years.


Discovering medicines that extend healthy lifespan, based on insights into the biochemical Hallmarks of Aging.


Amazing Brands is a technology-driven e-commerce company that buys, grows and operates Amazon businesses.


Buy on the eCommerce sites of your favorite brands and receive your purchases in 2 hours, or in a time slot of your choice. Blink is the fast and sustainable same-day delivery solution designed for eCommerce.


We are the full service provider for last mile delivery. Own bikes, fleet maintenance and data. Our goal is to keep bikes on the road for the long term and reliably

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New podcast episode with HandelBar on investing successfully

New podcast episode with HandelBar on investing successfully

“Entrepreneurship only gets you high or depressed” — Where’s the kick in that? Thatis one of the questions Kai Hudetz and I discussed in his latest HandelBar podcast episode. What…

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