I had the pleasure of being a guest on an ''Amazing People'' podcast, talking with Stephan Grad about the future of the middle market. In that episode, I spoke about the technologies that will shape the future of the middle market: crypto, AI, and XR.  

I have been deeply involved in the latest technologies and their impact on the business world for many years, and I have noticed that innovation in e-commerce has slowed down in recent years. That's why I believe that companies that embrace the technologies of the future will have a tremendous advantage over their competitors.  

During the podcast episode, I provided valuable insights into the opportunities and possibilities that these technologies offer, and explained why it's so important to engage with them. I shared my own experiences with crypto and my investments in the technologies surrounding Amazon, and discussed why I believe that crypto, AI, and XR will play a decisive role in the future of the middle market.  

We also talked about how companies and entrepreneurs can prepare for these technologies and what steps they should take to get ready for the future. I hope that our listeners were inspired and motivated by our discussions, and are now better equipped to shape the future of the middle market.

Listen to the podcast episode in German here:

More about the podcast: https://www.amazing-ecommerce.com/blogs/amazing-people-podcast